Dear Members& Supporters of WPFW – 89.3 FM Radio

Hi All,

WPFW will hold a Town Hall Meeting to get community in-put on hiring a Permanent General Manager and Permanent Program Director.  What skills and experience are required to fill those positions?  Well the Local Station Board (LSB) would like to hear from you.  The Town Hall will be held on Wednesday, April 9th at the Guildfield Baptist Church located at 1023 Otis Street, NE, DC 20017 (located near the Brookland Metro Station).  The Community is invited to begin speaking at 6:00 p.m.  Please come out to Save Our Station.

Now, I am currently reading Stokely: A Life by Peniel Joseph.  For someone who was not there, it appears to give the facts.  The part I am impressed with is the one that says, from 19 years old to 25 years old, Stokely spent every summer in Mississippi even though he knew there was a possibility of his being killed.  He knew Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner, Jon Daniels, Sammy Younge, Jr. and others who died.  But he kept going back.

Can we in Washington DC who do not face dogs and guns come out and unite to Save Our Station?  It is a worthy struggle and it would be good to see you at Guildfield on Wednesday.

They probably do not want you to come out for this meeting.  Have you heard an announcement about it on air?  Surprise them, let them know you are going to fight to Save Our Station.
In the Struggle, Maskeelah

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