Concerned Members and Supporters of WPFW is back online!

Greetings supporters and listeners of D.C.’s only Jazz and Justice Community Station.

Much has happened since our last post. Let’s begin with:

The Local Station Board (LSB) is meeting on Wednesday, November 14th at 6:30p.m., in the Tenley-Friendship Public Library located at 4450 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W., DC  20016.  Community Comment begins at 7:30 p.m.  Please come and ask your questions to Management and the Delegates who were elected to represent you.            We are meeting at the Library because of construction at WPFW offices.

The WPFW Management Assessment and Search Committee (MASC) is in the midst of the process to hire a permanent Program Director.  We would like to hear from you:  what should the LSB look for in its search?  Please come to a listening session of the MASC on Saturday, November 17th from 10:00 a.m. to noon at the Takoma Park Library located at 416 Cedar Street, N.W., DC 20012.

The National elections might be over but the WPFW Local Station Board Election is still going. Members should be receiving your ballots in November. Please listen for candidate statements on the air as well as on the WPFW website. Then complete and mail your ballots in electronically or by using U.S. mail in order to achieve quorum.

Relocation prospects have been dismal. The scant WPFW Relocation Committee has been looking for a new location for some time now. Many people believe that the current location is costing too much in rent, is located in the midst of daily traffic congestion and expensive parking, and isn’t in what one would consider to be a supportive community.  Management has negotiated a 5 year extension without the support of the LSB. If you know of a place that fits the following criteria contact the LSB at


  1.  accessible by public transportation
  2. in a safe environment
  3. handicap accessible


  1. relatively quiet with infrastructure suitable to support radio broadcasting 24 hours/day
  2. roof space and access for antenna installations
  3. 24 secure access
  4. prefer at least 5,000 SF but will consider spaces greater than 3,500SF.
  5. flexible interior
  6. space sharing with compatible tenants is a possibility

Interior Build Out

  1. sound studios
  2. administrative offices
  3. reception area
  4. multi purpose area
  5. green room
  6. storage
  7. classroom
  8. small kitchen
  9. multi-media center for training
  10. laboratory facilities


  1. desiring total monthly payment not to exceed $12K/mo including build-out and utilities.
  2. lease with option to buy

The Empire State Realty Trust (ESRT) lawsuit against Pacifica for tower rent due from WBAI has been settled. The 2018 Pacifica National Board leveraged assets and used a loan in lieu of filing for bankruptcy to settle and pay a lesser amount. The Board also relocated the transmitter and antennae to another location paying a reduced lease.

More to Come…


Please support WPFW Radio

Hi CMS Friends,

Please help fundraise for WPFW radio. The Station makes a huge difference in arts, culture and social justice issues in the DC area and around the world –

Donations are tax deductible.

Please consider this in your year end giving.

Please visit to support WPFW Radio.

This is a fundraiser started by folks on the WPFW Local Station Board as a Friends and Family campaign.

Please help exceed their goal.

Please ask your friends and family to also support your favorite radio station by visiting the above fundraising page for WPFW.

Thanks! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!



CMS – it is finally time to Boogie!

14th Annual U Street Jam

Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Great Music of MOTOWN

8:00 PM to 1:00 AM

at the Prince Hall Performing Arts Center

1000 U St., Washington, D.C.

WPFW’s Local Station Board is again sponsoring the Annual U Street Jam. Musical selections will be provided by your very own WPFW Programmers James Funk, Lance Reynolds, Steve Hoffman, & Beverly Lindsay Johnson, & Slow Roll!

Food provided by Torries Restuarant & Cash Bar will also be available.
Hand Dancing Contest
All proceeds to benefit WPFW.
$35 Donation – For Individual ticket
$300 Donation – For Table of 10
Tickets Will Be Available For $40 At The Door The Day Of Event
Come Out Dance the Night Away and Support WPFW!

WPFW 2016 Elections Extended

Election extended until Friday, October 7th at 3pm eastern time.

If you have not received a ballot but feel you are an eligible listener or staff member, please contact your Local Election Supervisor.*

Local Election Supervisor-WPFW David Levine <>

Quorun needed for Listeners is 10%

Quorum needed for Staff is 25%



See previous post for  Recommended Write-In Candidates and others to Vote for.

* Eligible Voters:

  • You are an eligible Listerner member if you have paid your membership dues or accumulated sufficient volunteer hours since July 1, 2015 and before July 1, 2016.
  • You are an eligible Staff member if you started working at the station (paid or unpaid)  since July 1, 2015 and before July 1, 2016.




WPFW 2016 Elections: Why you should vote and Who to Vote for

WPFW Listeners and Staff


Vote in The Local Station Board Election

Vote ONLINE by Sept. 30, 2016

If you vote by Mail it MUST arrive in CA by Sept. 30, 2016

WHY You Should Vote

We need YOU to participate for the election to be declared valid !

A certain % of the eligible voters must participate to reach quorum (25% of staff and 10% of listeners), and if quorum is not met, the election will be declared void, resulting in:
1) Wasting $16,ooo+ on the cost to conduct the election; and if the voting period needs to be extended to reach quorum, the costs will go up!

2) All the current LSB remain until the next election (unless term limited), but those whose elected term expires will remain even though not certified to run for reelection.

Pacifica is unique in the nonprofit world – providing the right to staff and listener-members to run as candidates for our governing body and to vote for these candidates, is the most important benefit of membership in WPFW/Pacifica, because it provides a mechanism to directly influence the decisions made at our station, and network – the Pacifica Foundation.

Each LSB elects 4 representatives to the Pacifica National Board (PNB), the organization’s highest decision-making body. Decisions made there in the near future will determine whether or not WPFW and the Foundation survive; and what direction the organization will take.  If the organization is to truly represent its staff and listeners, we must ALL participate in determining who these representatives will be.

If you have NOT received a ballot, or if you received the wrong ballot (ex. you are Staff but received a Listener ballot) please contact the

Local Election Supervisor at: 


WHO To Vote For


(A) REGULAR CANDIDATES: Rob Simms – We encourage you to vote for Rob, a former LSB member.

(B) WRITE-IN CANDIDATES:   Arthur McCloud – We encourage you to vote for Arthur as a WRITE-IN CANDIDATE.  He currently serves on the LSB and has focused on programming issues.  Due to a misunderstanding, he was unable to become a regular candidate.

CMS support for these candidates DOES NOT mean that they are members of CMS or support CMS’s positions. We support them simply because we feel they would continue to make, valuable contributions to the LSB and the survival of the station.


Because we only have 6 certified candidates to fill 9 seats, please WRITE-IN 3 CANDIDATES to fill the remaining seats !

(I) WRITE-IN CANDIDATES – CMS recommends that you WRITE-IN these candidates on your ballot:

1) Christine Cutter – Christine was recently elected to fill a vacancy on the LSB

2) Lonnie Hall – Lonnie applied as a regular candidate, attended all the candidate meet-and-greets but one of his documents was sent but not received by the election supervisors, which prevented him from being placed on the regular ballot.

3) Murray (“Cliff”) Smith – Cliff was recently elected to fill a vacancy on the LSB, and has been a member of the LSB Programming Committee for the last two years.  He started out as a regular candidate in this election, but was prevented from completing the certification process due to a personal emergency.

CMS support for these candidates DOES NOT mean that they are members of CMS or support CMS’s positions. We support them simply because we feel they would continue to make, valuable contributions to the LSB and the survival of the station.

CMS encourages all listener-members to vote for ALL 6 certified candidates on the ballot. 

(A) Among these, 2 are members of CMS :

1) Martha Peterson – Martha is a current member of the LSB and an active member of the Relocation and fundraising  committees.

2) Benito Diaz – Benito is a former member of the LSB and the national board, and a current member of the Finance and Programming committees.

(B) Of the 4 remaining regular candidates, 3 agreed to be recommended by CMS:

3) Eileen Rosen – Eileen served as the LSB’s Treasurer Pro Tem for part of this year, is an active member of the Finance Committee, and was recently elected to fill a vacancy on the LSB .

4) Meridith Cordisco – Meridith was recently elected to fill a vacancy on the LSB

5) Vicki McGill – Vicki is a current member of the LSB and has been working on social media issues.

candidate statements AT: