Please support WPFW Radio

Hi CMS Friends,

Please help fundraise for WPFW radio. The Station makes a huge difference in arts, culture and social justice issues in the DC area and around the world –

Donations are tax deductible.

Please consider this in your year end giving.

Please visit to support WPFW Radio.

This is a fundraiser started by folks on the WPFW Local Station Board as a Friends and Family campaign.

Please help exceed their goal.

Please ask your friends and family to also support your favorite radio station by visiting the above fundraising page for WPFW.

Thanks! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!



One comment

  1. Martin O' Johnson

    How do you expect listeners to support your station when you don’t honor your part when a listener donates hard earned money and doesn’t get the so called gift that was promised?
    I was given the run around when I inquired why I had not received my so called gift. I wonder if this is an ongoing trend with your station, if so, no wonder you have a hard time meeting your pledging goals.

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