What’s happening at Pacifica?

What’s happening at Pacifica?
After years of mismanagement, a new majority on the Pacifica National Board
is making changes to rebuild the network’s programming, finances and infrastructure. One of their actions was to end the employment of interim executive director Summer Reese on March 13.

Why did the Pacifica National Board fire Summer Reese?
National members say they’re bound by confidentiality on this question. But here is some publicly available information about Reese’s tenure:

During the year that Reese was in control of Pacifica, it ran a $1.5 million dollar deficit, with the largest cost overruns at the unit Reese directly supervises, the Pacifica National Office.

Reese unilaterally cancelled the board elections that Pacifica’s bylaws required to be held last year (later, she sought board approval for calling them off).

Reese has a history of involvement with right-wing anti-tax groups. She has publicly admitted that she doesn’t have a Social Security number, and refused to tell a reporter whether or not she pays income tax.

See the flyer for more information at:

Click to access SaveKPFA-flyer.pdf

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