News from SaveKPFA 3-21-2014

Long-overdue changes at Pacifica give hope for network’s renewal

Late last week, the Pacifica National Board (PNB), the governing body of the nonprofit that owns KPFA, voted to end the employment of then-interim executive director Summer Reese.

Because the board did not immediately appoint a new interim executive director, the person in charge this week has been, per California law, the new PNB board chair, Margy Wilkinson. 

Margy served as KPFA’s Local Station Board chair before becoming a Pacifica board member. She has a long history as a labor, civil rights and anti-war activist, serving on the City of Berkeley’s Labor Commission, and as the chief rank-and-file bargainer for a union representing University of California employees. Wilkinson was elected to chair the Pacifica board last month, after new delegates took their seats and began setting a new direction for Pacifica.

Wilkinson reports that the managers of the five stations Pacifica owns are working with her to straighten out the network’s difficulty getting funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting — something that festered for over a year under Reese, delaying nearly $1 million in payments.

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One comment

  1. Alan Barysh

    Why is it that people praise folks for exposing Gary Null and I get dissed and threatened and banned from the station for exposing “Dr” Sunnyatta Amen.Jay Winer Nightwolf and ASSociates had a big boy hissy fit at the last LSB meeting because I had the nerve to talk to people with out their granting me the right to. I’ll be back at the next LSB meeting and if Mr. Nightwolf goes viral I will tape it and post it on You Tube

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