An On-Air Fundraiser That Listeners Can’t Hear…Sign the Petition For New WPFW Management


When we last looked in on WPFW General Manager John Hughes and the aggravating ‘low power’ situation, he was sitting at the July Local Station Board meeting oblivious to the fact that listeners could not hear the station.

After several community members and board members asked about poor reception of the station, Hughes asked, “You can’t hear the station?” And, in response, there was an incredulous shout from the crowd of “No!”

Now, as of this writing, he is trying, and failing, to run a major on-air fall fundraiser when many listeners still cannot hear the station and many—assuming WPFW is totally off the air—have completely abandoned the station.  As an ominous sign of how damaging the unannounced low power situation has been, early fundraiser returns have been abysmal.

This continuing management debacle is occurring as Hughes is set to be formally evaluated by the Local Station Board, paid staff and programmers. It is vitally important for these parties to return their evaluations, and for the those remaining in the station’s dwindling listenership let Summer Reese, Pacifica’s interim executive director, know that we want John Hughes gone and replaced with someone who will uphold our station’s mission for jazz and justice. Raise your voice by signing the NEW PETITION. If you have already signed, commit to getting at least 5 more signers. (The old petition had continuing technical problems.)   

Stay Tuned!


  1. Alan Barysh

    Now that the station is up to full power I am wondering what is going on with the afternoon programing. It was Monday and I was sickened by the hippie dippie crap spurting from my car radio speaker. First there was that informercial about all those Gary Null products. Look if some one takes that stuff and gets sick and or dies WPFW is on the hook. Then there was that talk about some sort of off the hook holy Joe hogwash about who knows what. That new age stuff doesn’t belong on a Jazz and Justice radio! I got to thinking I once heard Sonney Rollins, and Charles Mingus at this time. Hell it was ‘Tranes birthday-no specials just a few selected tracks. I am sick of these new agers and vegan food nazis taking over WPFW we need a return to the old grid. And if we add something we need an atheist show and a meet eaters show. We need Jazz and Justice, not tofu new ageism! WHAT DO YOU THINK?

  2. Donna Grimes

    I am beyond fed up with the situation at WPFW. I can hear the station only in my car! Each time I check back I hear static, other stations or nothing. I hear this complaint from others, as well. How dare you run continuous fund raisers for a radio station that no one can hear!!!!!!!!!!!!
    On top of that, there is virtually no locally focused programming.

    Enough is enough. I have and will continue to participate in CMS activities. I am convinced that Pacifica, Summer Reese and John Hughes are purposefully trying to run the station into the ground. To be clear, they are deviously trying to take our community asset away from us, the community, and shape it to their liking. yet, I know the value and my resolve is strong. We will not be moved!!!!!

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