SOS–Save Our Station! New Member Petition to Remove John Hughes

Attorney Suji Sutler, longtime listener-member of WPFW, has created a NEW PETITION demanding the removal of John Hughes for the survival of the station. While hundreds of people signed the original petition at, there appear to be unsolved technical glitches with that petition, so sign on to the NEW PETITION at Care2 to keep up the community momentum and pressure. Sign TODAY and share with your friends.



  1. Alan Barysh

    We need to think about asking the people with the big bucks like the owner of Busboys and Poets to stop funding the station until things are made right! We also should draft an open letter to all Jazz, Blues, and other artists as well as the estates of dead artists in these music forms to refuse to let their music or the music of their estates be played on WPFW until things are made right. We should show up at all WPFW FUND raising events and non violently protest the sell out that is going down at OUR station!

  2. D. Cassandra Fletcher, Ph.D.

    I feel that Mr. John Hughes, and those responsible for choosing him as General Manager, together have taken a wrecking ball to WPFW. I have been a faithful listener to, and a consistent supporter of, the station since my return to the Washington metropolitan area in 2006. In view of Mr. Hughes disdainful attitude toward listener-sponsors, disrespectful treatment of programmers and staff, and disgraceful mismanagement of the station, I continue to withhold my financial support and can barely stand to listen to station broadcasts. I still find it difficult to understand his decisions to shift the time slots of some popular programs, and to “deep-six” others. I am particularly rankled by the disappearance of “The ‘Bama Hour” with Chris DeProperty and the Brazilian music programming. Ending the latter was a particularly untimely and boneheaded move, given the growing prominence of Brazil in world affairs, as evidenced by the recent visit of Pope Francis and the highly anticipated World Cup soccer and Summer Olympics events. Removed? Mr. Hughes needs to be fired immediately. He has killed the station and, in so doing, killed my joy.

  3. Mary Olsen

    GET OUR DRIVE-TIME JAZZ BACK, PLEASE!!! Our CLASSIC jazz!!!!! We miss it so much here in Alexandria, Virginia, where there is nothing but static when we try to access our WPFW station!!!!


    As a member and a resident of Alexandria, Va., I am tired of tuning in to WPFW and getting nothing but static. This has gone on TOOOOO long!!! Get rid of Hughes and get the station back on it’s original track. Sincerely, Sonni Olsen

    • Kelly-Marie Berry

      I agree entirely with Mary Olsen. What a drag!!! How long will we allow this static mess to fog up our radios. Is it so difficult to get rid of Hughes? Would it be so difficult for like-minded folk to get together and re-invent a radio station afresh, withhout Pacifica? Surely if Kimone Freeman can set up shop and bring clarity to the airwaves, what is the matter with the rest of us???? I think we’ve given Hughes way too much play. Just give his ass a good snatch and send him on his way. sometimes you gotta’ fight fire with fire.

    • Alan Barysh

      We need to pack the L S B meeting. We need to force the L S B to halt the meeting and answer our questions. This can be done non violently by doing a people’s filabuster ie talking and talking and giving the floor to a friend. They can’t kick us out-it isn’t their building. Should they call the cops we sit down shut up wait until they leave and continue. This non violent process continues again. Should the cops tell us to leave – we go then we put the word out John Hughes called the cops! We also put the word out to any friends of W P F W who give them cash!

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