The Court Says Summer Reese Must End Her Occupation of the Pacifica National Office

The court ruled yesterday in favor of the PNB majority; and against Summer Reese and the PNB minority who had filed a law suit, preliminary injunction, and TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) against the majority, in an attempt to reinstate Summer Reese to her former job, and regain their former majority status on the PNB by having the court purge the majority from the board.
Amongst other things, the court ordered Summer Reese and her small band of supporters to end their occupation of the Pacifica National Office and leave the building.
The question now becomes: will Summer Reese and friends obey the court and leave?  This remains to be seen.
Four members of WPFW’s Local Station Board are members of the Pacifica National Board – Jim Brown, Tony Norman, Benito Diaz, and Luzette King.   Jim Brown, Tony Norman, and Benito Diaz are members of the PNB majority that voted to end the employment of then-interim executive director Summer Reese. Luzette King is a member of the PNB minority who had filed the lawsuit to reinstate Summer Reese.

Please read SaveKPFA‘s blog entry about this:  

Superior Court judge issues TRO against Summer Reese

Amongst other things, check-out the link for the court’s actual decision, which is found in the 2nd paragraph of the article.
LISTEN to Pacifica Evening News story about this ruling.

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