Pacifica National Board Meeting – March 13, 2014 Report-Out

“The Pacifica National Board met in closed session to discuss personnel matters related to individual employees of
the foundation. We thank Summer Reese for her service to date and will not continue her employment effective March 14, 2014”.

This is what we found on the website over the week-end.  We consider this to be a Progressive move.  The victory over the Summer Reese led faction on and off the Pacifica National Board (PNB) sets the stage (enables) for us to now go on the offensive against their national programming which was to spread west coast programming throughout the network.
Locally, this is the time to go on the offensive against Tony Bates, the WPFW Interim Program Director, and the programming he has been told to do from the former Executive Director’s office. Stay-tuned.  More will come.

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