Happy Six Months Anniversary CMS! Meeting Sat., June 22, 10am-Noon

Happy Six Months Anniversary CMS!  SINCE LAST DECEMBER, THIS GRASSROOTS ORGANIZATION has had so many victories to save our beloved WPFW.

But we are pressing on. There is still much to be done for the second half of the year. Come out Sat, June 22, 10a-noon to celebrate how far we’ve come and prepare for the home stretch! Receive updates on:

  • Station Relocation
  • The Removal of John Hughes
  • Restoration of the Grid and Programming Issues
  • The Financial State of the Station
  • Lawsuit against John Hughes, Tony Norman, Pete Tucker and Campbell Johnson
  • LSB Elections and Recalls
  • CMS committees

The June 22nd meeting is at the Tenley-Friendship Library

4450 Wisconsin Ave. N.W.

Washington,  DC  20016 

Whose Station? Our Station!


One comment

  1. Alan Barysh

    Today (9/24/13) I was listening to a radio show that came on in the afternoon. I think it was around 4;30 TO 5 Pm when I listened in. THE SHOW WAS A STRAIGHT UP INFOMERCIAL! IT TALKED ABOUT SOME THING CALLED ‘Super Foods” It sounded like the super food from that movie “:Solyent Green” All these people were doing was pushing some product! There was no mention of WPFW. Yes that’s right for at least as long as I was listening there was no mention of WPFW or the fund raising drive. And to add insult to injury this show was pre-recorded. Yes that’s right the fund raising pitch was pre-recorded. So her you had a fund raiser where the station was not mentioned with a pre recorded program pushing a product of dubious quality. I called the on air booth. The engineer said he was just doing his job-Just like a good German. This outrage must not be allowed to go on.We MUST call Pacifica and WPFW and protest this out rage! WHERE IS THE ANGER ON THIS WEB SITE? WHEN DO WE DO SOMETHING? IS ANY ONE OUT THERE?

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